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    My Powerful Choices was created to facilitate positive personal growth through the power of choice. Personal coaching, radio shows, classes and programs are designed to create opportunities that support personal awareness and the power of living in the NOW. Through the discovery of BEING and being present, peace, joy and the ultimate freedom are realized. 




     The Power of Choice 

     There are many things in life that we have no control over but do not underestimate THE POWER of CHOICE. You may not have a say over what happens but you always choose how you respond to what happens and how you interpret your experiences. Even if your choice is to stand by and not choose, you are still choosing. The difference is that by deciding NOT to choose, you are dis-empowering yourself by denying your freedom of choice. Either way, you are still making that call. 

    You can allow circumstance and the world of countless random factors decide for you, freeing you (so you think) from the responsibility that comes with choosing OR you can be brave and CHOOSE your response....hence empowering yourself. Responsibility does not hold us prisoner, our fear of making the wrong choices and being responsible for those choices does. To become free, truly free you must empower yourself with your choices. The more you can do this, the more freedom and choice you have and the less influence and control external factors have over you. 

    You become stronger with each and every choices you make and take responsibility for. The opposite is allowing yourself to become a victim of chance and circumstance. It's easy, if you're not aware of the power of choice, to confuse freedom with choice. Consciously or not,  procrastination in making decisions is frequently the result of deep rooted misconceptions that if they wait until they know the "right" answer or allow the choice to be made for them, somehow you are free from the responsibility of making the "wrong" choice or feeling guilty. 

    It's easy to fear the responsibility of making choices. Often this is accompanied by believing that by making a choice we are closing ourselves to other options, hence losing the freedom of options. Saying NO to some things is necessary to move forward and progress in any direction. Remaining in a holding pattern of open options without choosing a direction is a sure recipe for going no where fast. This keeps a person stuck in a holding pattern, struggling and eventually desperate for change!

    On the contrary, the ability to say NO to some options and choose a direction leads to transformation, growth and moving forward. Life continues whether we make choices or not. If we take our life into our own hands and move towards our heart, our visions, something....even if we do not know what that is....we become free and empowered. If we are too afraid to make decisions because we believe it takes away our freedom, life becomes stagnant.  When we,  become stagnant, we go nowhere fast, allowing the very world and structures we believe will steal our freedom if we choose, to take our freedom because we decide NOT to make choices. If you are idling, you are giving up your freedom, your freedom of choice. This one, true freedom each and every person is born and shall die with, our FREE WILL.

    Think about it, and then decide. There is no right or wrong choice. We each make the choices we need too at the time in order to learn and grow. What matters is that you make choices. that's powerful. don't not make a choice because you fear it is right or wrong. That is falling under the control of your ego. Take charge! step up and choose! Fear is ego. Freedom, true freedom is your higher self embracing your power to choose and making choices! Don't let life just pass you by and carry you adrift wherever it wants like a prisoner on a raft. Jump off into the water and explore, empower yourself, live life to it's fullest! If you deny your gift of choice your circumstances will decide for you. So be brave and discover your freedom with the power of choice! 

     Are you aware of the power of your choices? How you can use them to create a fulfilling life no matter where it may lead? You can do it! It makes all the difference in your sense of confidence, fulfillment and freedom. You can do it! If I did, so can you. This is your life! Go for it!

    Larkin L Sell 

    My Powerful Choices Founder/Facilitator

    Law of Attraction, Relationship Coach ,

    Intuitive Medium/channel/Em-Path



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